News, 9/1/2014

The 2014 season has started.

With the opening of the registration for Dutch Open 10 days ago, the 2014 season has started. This year, the guidelines for the EuroTour have changed at several points. Be sure to read through the 2014 guide to be well prepared for the season.

Very soon the registration for this year's European Championships will begin. Check the EC website and contact you country coordinator or EC team captain, if you want to join the action in Switzerland.

Once again there is a Major in Europe. This year, Jussi Meresmaa and Innova Europe have joined forces with Järva Disc Golf Park to host "European Masters" on the well known Stockholm course. The website here is also open - check it out.

Also don't forget to check this year's EuroTour calendar here.

Here is the calendar with all EuroTours, European Major(s) and European Championships: