PDGA Europe

PDGA Europe was established in 2006 as a Committee of the PDGA Board of Directors.
The Committee is composed of the PDGA affiliated European Country Coordinators, who represent their
Country Associations, the PDGA EuroTour Manager, and the PDGA International Director, all voting
members. The PDGA Executive Director has observer status on the Committee.

What PDGA Europe does

The committee is empowered to take continent-wide decisions involving events including the setting of PDGA EuroTour
standards, the determination of continental awards winners, the review of disciplinary issues occurring in
Europe and other issues of common interest.
Certain decisions including PDGA pricing structures, sponsorships and the awarding of Major event
status, require the approval of the PDGA Board and/or Executive Director.
As resources and infrastructure are developed, PDGA Europe is seen as becoming more formalized and, with time, an incorporated and self-sustaining entity.
English is the official language of PDGA Europe.

PDGA Europe resources and information can be found on this website, including the contents
of the PDGA International Guide, the 2015 PDGA EuroTour schedule, results, player standings, and more. Additional
resources related to the International Program and PDGA Europe can be found at PDGA International.
For more information on PDGA Europe please
contact your Country Association or PDGA Country Coordinator.

Country Coordinators

PDGA Country Coordinators are appointed by the national disc golf association or disc sports body.
The roles and responsibilities of PDGA Country Coordinators include:

  • Representation of the country to PDGA and on PDGA Committees, including the handling of PDGA related
    requests from their Association and from TDs and members in their country to PDGA, and vice versa
  • Coordination of PDGA activity and promotion in country, including the distribution of PDGA information to
    TDs and members (International Program Guide, International Event Report form, on-line membership and
    event instructions, officials tests, etc.)
  • Ensuring that their country’s memberships, event dates and results are submitted to PDGA following the
    prescribed methods and time frames, either by the individual members and event TDs in question, or by the
    Country Association
  • Maintaining the accounting of country membership and events fees owed to PDGA, in consultation with the
    PDGA Office Manager, and settlement of accounts
  • Facilitation of new and updated information on country disc golf courses in the PDGA Course Directory

EuroTour Manager

The EuroTour Manager is appointed by the PDGA Europe Committee. The Manager coordinates the ET schedule, collects the event fees, organizes and distributes the Series bonus payouts and medals, conducts an annual review of the ET, and tracks the accounting of the ET and PDGA Europe finances.


  • Strengthen and support the growth of disc golf in Europe through continued implementation of the PDGA affiliated country and international program
  • Support the growth of National Associations through affiliation with PDGA Europe
  • Set standards for classification of European players into universal Professional and Amateur divisions for competition in PDGA events in Europe and around the world
  • Set tour standards for classification of PDGA affiliated European events into appropriate tiers within the different countries
  • Increase the professionalism and marketability of EuroTour events to local and regional communities, businesses, and the media
  • Support the translation of PDGA documents into other languages, including the PDGA Rules of Play and
    Competition Manual, the Official’s Exam, Introduction to Disc Golf brochures, etc.
  • Support the growth of national disc golf associations and disc sports bodies through affiliation with PDGA
  • Strengthen the PDGA brand as the global players association and leader in organized competitive disc golf
  • Working with WFDF (EFDF) and the countries, to gain recognition and sanctioning of disc golf events by International and national sports bodies such as the IOC, SportAccord, the World Games, national Olympic Committees
    and Government Sports-Funding bodies

Affiliate Country Membership

PDGA Europe is running a so-called affiliation membership with its European members.
To obtain affiliation, a country should meet certain requirements. These are:

  • Ten (10) or more current PDGA members
  • One (1) or more sanctioned PDGA events, hosted in country, following International event standards
  • PDGA support and benefits to the affiliated country includes:
    • Global organization, governance and related standards, including the Rules of Play, Competition Manual,
      & Technical Standards
    • sanctioning and promotion of events as part of the global PDGA Tour
    • individual membership benefits, including player ratings
    • searchable database of player, event, and country statistics
    • Financial assistance with the translation of key PDGA texts, including the “PDGA’s Official Rules of Disc Golf
      & Competition Manual”, Officials Test, and the “What is Disc Golf” brochure, into local languages
    • rights to use PDGA-affiliated names and logos including PDGA Tour & PDGA Major, provision of related
      promotional materials including PDGA logo banners

Countries interested in becoming PDGA affiliated can contact the International Director for more information.

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