2016 EDGC - bids received and follow up

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2016 EDGC - bids received and follow up

Postby Flo » Sun Jan 18, 2015 6:12 pm

Dear All,

We are pleased to announce that 3 countries have sent a bid for proposal for organizing the 2016 European Disc Golf Championships ; Croatia, Denmark, Finland.

Here is a more detailled agenda for the Q&A session until final vote :
- 15th - 23rd of January : each EDGGC subcommittee member reads in deep the 3 bids and lists his/her comments/questions.
- 24th of January : gathering of the comments and questions / discussion
- 25th of January : sending of the comments and questions to the bidders - answers requested for the 7th of February
- 8th of February : gathering of the bidders' feedbak to list eventual further questions - answers requested for the 12th of February
- 15th of February : EDGC subcommittee members discussion and final vote. The decision will be sent 1) to the bidders 2) to the cc to be forwarded within countries 3) to the pdga members + announcement on the website

The Q&A session will allow to provide the here below information to make sure that the most important details are given for each Bid :

1. Contact of the Bid for proposal : Name, first name, email,
2. Location of the Event : City, Country
3. Date of the Event:
4. The Organizer(s) : Indicate the interaction between the organizers, if any :
4.1. Official details (name, address, references,....) + very brief official presentation in a sentence or with chart
4.2. TD : Name, pdga number, DG activity report
4.3. CoTD : Name, pdga number, DG activity report
5. The Event:
5.1. Background: ie. Why do the country want to welcome and organize the Event, who has initiated it, when (with a few bullet point)
5.2. Location:
5.2.1. Map + transport accesses at the European + the local level
5.2.2. Course(s) : Par, length, teepad, practice area, other
5.2.3. Headquarter(s) : describe briefly
5.3. Provisional schedule : including competition + practice, check-in time / ceremonies,
5.4. Human resources :
5.4.1. Organization team (chart if any)
5.4.2. Number of volunteers expected / needed to cover your organization
5.4.3. Volunteer : reimbursement / freight taken in charge
5.5. Lodging : type / prices / location
5.6. Meals : types / prices / location
5.7. Provisional budget
5.8. Registration fees amount in € or country devise : junior / other division
5.9. PDGA Tier
5.10. Communication plan
5.11. Sponsors
6. Organizing the PDGA European Committee meeting (room for 30 people equipped for a meeting)

The PDGA “European DG Championships” subcommittee members are working on, and will publish (publication dates will follow):
- Allocation - number of players by country / by division
- Registration roadmap including TC nomination process
- Team Captain: role and duties
- The EDGC Guide and Regulations document

best regards,


Florence Dumont #25097,
France PDGA Coordinator
chairing the PDGA EDGC subcommittee
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Re: 2016 EDGC - bids received and follow up

Postby hatvanidani » Tue Feb 17, 2015 11:37 am

dear sub-committee, do you already have an info on who is the winning bidder? thanks, dani

Re: 2016 EDGC - bids received and follow up

Postby Flo » Tue Feb 17, 2015 12:39 pm

Dear all,

Apologize that we did not refer to you before. As Brian Hoenieger has written it in his last email to the group refering to our next skype teleconference, we need some more days with a final decision postponed on 1st of March.

We are in "brand new territory" with sub committee, process, forum, 3 bids first time ever, very different ones ..., so it needs some more time and steps than forecasted for a final decision, which is a challenging and important one to deal with.

Stay tuned we will refer to Bidders and CC by the begining of next week, we are working on it,

and thank you for your understanding,


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