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The EuroChallenge Tour will consist of all other PDGA sanctioned events in Europe than the PDGA EuroTour.

Affiliated countries and their representatives will determine which of their other national events they wish to sanction with PDGA, and the tier levels for these events, following the guidelines.

These events receive the standard benefits of PDGA sanctioning, including listing on the PDGA Tour calendar, calculation and publication of player statistics and ratings, etc.

Search all European PDGA sanctioned events (EuroTour events and Majors will also be displayed):

Year Month Country Tier level      

DDGU Danish Tour #3, 7-8/6/2008, C-tier. 29 players - Total Purse: $346.
Helsingør, Denmark. TD: Sinus Frank. Website:
See round ratings on here.

Division: OPEN

1Karl Johan NyboDenmark2890310355055502729211$165
2Robert BuzasySweden45769795262533131229$103
3Sinus FrankDenmark258088916158582832237$78
4Jesper GormsenDenmark255839715565602733240
5Jesper BuchhardtDenmark3469598363596231215
6Hans Peter AggeboDenmark866592265656028218
7Dennis DideriksenDenmark2910894362646530221
T8Anders BomholdtDenmark3505892364656432225
T8Al FlemingDenmark891995260656535225
10Thomas Hansen68686531232
11Martin Bernhard OlsenDenmark3467295469666634235
12Søren LindgreenDenmark3557093166696934238
13Lena Brammer NielsenDenmark867489568747931252

Division: ADVANCED

1Christian RehderDenmark89179355864122
2Jens Melby BakDenmark350949766165126
3Lars Lau JensenDenmark317529596565130
T4Martin Spliid6764131
T4Carsten Larsen6566131
6Kenneth Mosgaard KnudsenDenmark350629276865133
7Lasse EngelhardtDenmark355719156668134
8Jeppe Ask SørensenDenmark3647410056769136
9Stefan Jussing TreldalDenmark350569006968137
10Soren Rasmussen IvøDenmark350608877365138
11Anders Walther AndersenDenmark86718797170141
12Janus HajslundDenmark344159217475149
13Rie RasmussenDenmark344147929293185
T14Martin Mosgaard KnudsenDenmark3506185373DNF
T14Michael GrønDenmark3505785085DNF
T14Sannie Brostrøm JacobsenDenmark35053729102DNF