Disciplinary sub committee

The PDGA Europe Disciplinary group is a sub-Committee of both the PDGA Europe and PDGA Disciplinary Committees. The sub-Committee is responsible for reviewing disciplinary incidents that occur in Europe as follows:

  • All disciplinary related incidents that occur at EuroTour Series, European Championship and European Major events
  • All disciplinary related incidents that occur at PDGA International Tour events that are brought to the
    sub-Committee at the request of the Country Association in whose country the incident occurred

All incidents brought to the sub-Committee must include a completed copy of the PDGA Disciplinary Action Form. If a country association decides not to pursue a disciplinary issue, and a PDGA member disagrees, the individual PDGA member may complete and submit the form provided it is accompanied by the signatures of at least 10 current PDGA members.

Rules of Procedure

The Sub-Committee: Disciplinary Actions (SCDA) and its members are responsible for addressing all requests related to disciplinary incidents and questions brought to the PDGA Europe Committee by the National Disc Golf Associations (NDGA), or directly from PDGA members in the NDGA countries. The SCDA assigns one of its members as chairman (SCC) who is in charge of organizing the work of the SCDA.

If the SCDA receives a Disciplinary Action Form, the SCC chooses one member of the SCDA as assistant (SCA) for this special case. The SCA should not be of the same nationality as the player(s) or TD(s) involved in the respective case.
SCC and SCA together are responsible for the proper completion of a respective case. They collect all necessary information and are in charge of all questions related to this certain case.

Upon completion of their investigation, they present the case to the SCDA in a way facilitating a decision by the SCDA, i.e. including all information necessary to allow decision making.
The SCC and SCA are also responsible for adhering to the time schedule of the whole process as specified by the PDGA USA Disciplinary Committee.
The first decision to be prepared for the SCDA has to be whether the case should be further pursued or should be declined by the SCDA. If the SCDA decides not to further discuss the case, the SCC will communicate this decision to the applicants and send a short note about the case to the PDGA Europe Committee.
If the SCDA wishes to discuss the case, SCC and SCA lead the discussion, collect additional information if needed and present all information to the SCDA in a way facilitating a decision. The process should be based on the rules, procedures and disciplinary actions determined by the PDGA USA Disciplinary Committee.

The decision is the majority decision of the SCDA. In the case of a tie, the SCC’s vote will be the tiebreaker.

No matter how the SCDA decides in the second phase of the process, the vote and the suggestions for disciplinary actions must be forwarded to the PDGA USA Disciplinary Committee which makes the final decisions. The SCC and the SCA are responsible for providing the PDGA with all information necessary and sufficient to form a view on the case.

The SCC is in charge of briefing the applicants about the decisions as soon as possible. He also briefs the PDGA Europe Committee in a short note about the case.

Finally all documents have to be archived so that the case can be reconstructed in the future and a data bank can be built for the SCDA to reference in future cases.

members of the sub committee are:

  • Ville Kotamäki, FI (chair)
  • Haukur Árnason, IS
  • Tapani Aulu, FI
  • Peter Bygde, SE
  • Frank Hellstern, DE
  • Katka Boďová, SK
  • vacant

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