BoD Summit in Finland and more…

There is going to be a PDGA Europe Board of Directors summit in two weeks in Helsinki, Finland (19.-20. October). The agenda, among other things, is going to be to set up a short term and long term goals for PDGA Europe, carefully evaluate its needs within its first steps (it has just been founded a month ago – PDGA Europe as a self-governing entity has NOT been around for a long time as a lot of you might think) and steer this ship in the best possible direction.

Whatever the outcome will be and whatever the future brings, having a self-operating branch of PDGA here in Europe will lead to a way bigger focus on what is going on on our continent and the main focus of the discussions will be what can PDGA Europe actually do for its members…

Working on Euro Tour and bringing a professional Tour to Europe that way will be one of the bigger challenges that we will embrace, but the talks will also be upon what do our members expect from a professional association on top of setting up rules, sanctioning events, calculating ratings and running a web page with all the player profiles, stats and information. You might introduce your ideas and thoughts in the comments, so that we can get through them during the summit. Just please stay down to Earth and realistic as resources we are working with are limited…

Last information I wanted to share is getting back to Euro Tour. We received 5 bids to host Euro Tour 2020 and after Euro Tour committee recommended two events to accompany the 4 pre-picked ones, Board wants to take its time to carefully evaluate all the possibilities and will make a final decision on the upcoming summit. Another reason to postpone publication of the results is that National Tour, PRO Tour and Majors are still finalising their schedules and although we already know some overlaps will not be possible to avoid, we want to coordinate schedule with those other top tier disc golf tours the best we can so that our Tour can also attract some of the top US players. Another reason is, that our priority for 2020 is to bring in a professional video coverage of all of our Euro Tour events and so even for these purposes, it is better if you are served one coverage / week rather than having two top tournament coverages from one weekend at the same time.

We hope to have all these things settled by the time of Summit in Finland and so that we can publish final Euro Tour schedule shortly after.

For the full information, the 5 bids came from:

VaraĹždin, Croatia
Creeksea, Great Britain
Talsi, Latvia
Petzen, Austria
Copenhagen, Denmark


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