Greetings from the Disciplinary Committee

You might not know, but there is quite unknown and invisible organization working behind the disc golf scenes: The Disciplinary Sub Committee of the PDGA Europe.

The committee consists of chair Ville Kotamäki, FI and 4 members Haukur Árnason, IS; Peter Bygde, SE; Frank Hellstern, DE and Tapani Aulu, FI.

We pre-process all disciplinary cases in Europe and propose our opinion of actions to the Disciplinary Committee of PDGA. After their review, the Board of Directors of the PDGA then does the final judgement.

Last year we handled four cases with the following outcomes

– 2 cases with no further action

– 1 case with an official letter of Disciplinary Sub Committee

– 1 case with an official warning letter of the PDGA

So no real disciplinary actions fortunately were needed.

How do the cases come to us?

The process is described in PDGA Europe web pages ( and in PDGA International Program Guide on page 19 (

At the moment PDGA Europe is on the process to becoming a legal and largely self-governing continental body for Europe. Let us see how our committee’s role and responsibilities will change following that process.

I’m very happy to announce a great news from last week. A new member from Slovakia, Katka Boďová, strengthens our committee.

With the same words I said at the opening ceremony of EDGC 2016 in Oulu, I wish you a very enjoyable disc golf season:

“Respect the sport, respect the rules, and respect other players”

Ville Kotamäki

PDGA #8947

Chair of Sub Committee

Disciplinary Actions

PDGA Europe

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