First PDGA Europe Summit Held in Amsterdam

The first-ever PDGA Europe Board of Directors Summit took place in Amsterdam on November 9-11. President Kaisa Vikström, Finland, chaired the meeting, which included a strategic planning session led by Elaine King. During a discussion of how much European players value ratings, the board worked in real-time with the PDGA Global technology team to make a positive change in the way ratings are displayed to members, to reflect up or down movement. Plans to locate the PDGA Europe office in Finland were finalized. Two related job postings will be published in early December

Left to right: Interim Administrator Laura Helene Nagtegaal, Netherlands; Board member Terry Calhoun, USA; PDGA Global Executive Director Joe Chargulaf, USA; PDGA Global International Director Brian Hoeniger, Canada; board member Natalie Holoköi, Switzerland; filling the big shoes is board President Kaisa Vikström, Finland; behind her is invited guest Tapani Aulu, Finland; at Kaisa’s shoulder is the Champ, board member Elaine King, Canada; board member Seamus Scanlon, Scotland; finally our newest board member Dean Schaub, Netherlands.

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