Richard Kollar resigns from PDGA Europe Board of Directors

PDGA Europe announces that Richard Kollar has resigned from the PDGA Europe Board of Directors due to professional reasons effective October 2nd 2018.

Richard will remain closely involved in Europe’s disc golf governance as a Board Member of the European Disc Golf Federation, and as the PDGA Country Coordinator for Slovakia.

Richard had been elected as one of PDGA Europe’s inaugural Board of Directors members, starting September 1st 2017. During his tenure, he has played an important role in setting up the joint governance model for European disc golf between PDGA Europe and EDGF.

In his own words, Richard explains: “The primary reason is that I was recently elected to be on the EDGF (European Disc Golf Federation) Board of Directors, and these two organizations have a lot of common agenda (particularly in the future). On the other hand, I am still active in the Slovak Association of Frisbee where I am due to lack of resources very needed, and also I am a member of various PDGA Europe committees and there is only a finite amount of time I have in addition to my work, so I have to seriously consider to what agenda I will dedicate my time.”

We ask all members to join us in offering Richard a heartfelt thank you for his service and wishing him the best of luck on his path.

PDGA Europe are currently exploring options for filling the position left vacant due to this resignation.

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