Konopiste Open announcement

World’s best disc golfers will battle for a title at Konopiště Open – 1st PDGA Major event held in the Czech Republic.

Czech Republic will have a chance to see the best world’s disc golf players competing for the Konopiště Open champion’s title on the long and beautiful Franz Ferdinand disc golf course in Konopiste castle park. This event is already well established on the global disc golf scene, but this is the first time when it has been granted the esteemed PDGA Major status. The organizers had to change the traditional dates from May to middle of July. Konopiště Open 2018 will be held from July 12 to 15 as the first PDGA Major in Europe outside the Nordic countries.

“The goal was always the same: make it bigger every year” – says Premysl Novak, the director of the event, when he describes the background behind the event’s growth – “we started this event six years ago as a Czech disc golf championships. Then moving on to EuroTour and two years as a Disc Golf World Tour event we managed to get the Major status.”

The event has grown hand in hand with the Czech disc golf scene. In 2013 there were 28 public disc golf course, while now there is over 80. 13 new courses were established in 2017. Disc golf is definitely growing fast in the Czechia and Konopi ště Open and its media exposure has certainly made an impact. “It is true that disc golf promotion has always been essential to us. I believe it is one of the main reasons why we held the tournament every year.” Novak says. “We are about to close the deal with Czech national television which will promote our event nationwide.”

Organizers don’t forget the amateurs players and spectators, they will have a chance to experience the Major feel by attending the amateurs event, Konopiště Challenger, or fan zone situated around the tournament centre in hotel Nová Myslivna.

For more information visit www.konopisteopen.com

Benešov, Czech Republic – February 1, 2018

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