2016 PDGA Europe Volunteer of the Year award

Disc golf would be nowhere without its volunteers.
Whether you’re playing a local league, or a National Tour event, you can be sure that without your fellow golfers sacrificing their time your experience would not be nearly as enjoyable.
Each year, we, in Europe, award one of these hard workers as a symbol of recognition for all the European volunteers. Not because we value one particular person more than all others, but it would simply be impossible to identify and award all.

This year, we had 4 nominations;
Yrjö Munukka, FI (#85245)
Peter Buijsrogge, NL (#28282)
Ville Kotamäki, FI (#8947)
Tapani Aulu, FI (#44389)
And there’s still hundreds of volunteers that didn’t even get mentioned but are possibly even more deserving.

Finland is definitely doing “something” right; the largest number of players, events, courses, and now even the largest number of volunteers.
This year, however, the award goes to Peter Buijsrogge. His story may sound exactly the same for any other volunteer in a small country, where all efforts made to grow the sport are made by a handful (or even less) of the same people, and the other players just want to do that; play. In a large(r) country, at a certain point everything seems to take a life on its own, and ‘guiding’ seems enough to keep it going (although, countries like Finland took the bull by the horns and changed gears from “keep it going” to “warp drive”).

Peter is one of these volunteers from a small country. He has been core staff and/or TD for the Dutch Open since 2011, runs the first disc golf club in The Netherlands, runs several summer leagues running in parallel, has become The Netherlands’ Country Coordinator in 2014, was the EDGC16 team captain, and still finds the time to throw some decent disc golf himself (personal set backs, amongst which a fire that burnt down his house, and most discs with it, caused his game to suffer, but he seems to have found the way up again).
May this award give him that extra boost.

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