Penultimate update to 2016 Player of the Year standings

With only post November 15th, and overdue events left to be processed by the PDGA, the PDGA Europe Player of the Year standings, the standings will most likely not change much anymore. Most, if not all, of the contenders for the titles in the male and female standings have already ended their season, and are preparing for the next season.

In the men’s standings, currently two players are tied; Teemu Nissinen (F), and Karl Johan Nybo (DK).
These are the ways ties are broken:
1.) total strokes in head to head play
2.) EuroTour final standings
3.) rating at year-end

The head-to-head play is very clearly in the advantage of KJ. They played each other 8 times. Three times Teemu won, by respectively 2, 1 and 1 strokes. The other 5 times, KJ won, and each time with a large difference (11, 8, 10, 13, and 14 strokes). See table below for full details.

Event Nybo Nissinen Difference
Memorial 193 204 11
DGWT #1 176 184 8
ET #2 195 193 -2
DGWT #2 169 179 10
DGWT #3 177 190 13
DGWT #4 171 185 14
EDGC 224 223 -1
USDGC 194 193 -1
Total 1499 1551 52

This makes looking at EuroTour standings (clearly in Teemu’s advantage) or ratings (currently clearly in KJ’s advantage) futile.

The chance that the original tie gets broken; both players at 385 points is unlikely (due to season end), but not impossible. The easiest route for Teemu to win, would need to get a higher rating (now 1011 – worth 55 points, and 1012 – worth 65 points – would already make him sole leader).

Unless KJ, Teemu, or the current number three, Juho Parviainen (FI) play more tournaments during the remainder of the year (or have any overdue events that still need processing), it is safe to assume that the current standings will remain as they are.

In the women’s rankings, things are a lot more clear-cut.
Eveliina Salonen (FI) won three of the six categories that earned her points; rating, EuroTour, and EDGC.
Her direct competition, Katka Bodov√° (SK) won one category; PDGA points, and she was the only player to earn ANY points in non-European Majors (her 5th place at the PDGA Pro Worlds). The difference (30 points) between Eveliina and Katka seems difficult but not impossible to scale. The only two categories where any difference could still be made are ratings and PDGA points.
Katka would need to improve her rating by at least 1 point (from 920 to 921, that would earn her 10 points), and whilst already having won the PDGA points category, she could hope that Anne Kettunen (FI) and Kristin Tattar (EE) would both earn 29 or 8 PDGA points more, making Eveliina lose 20 points. At that point, both players would be tied in points, but then Eveliina would still win the all three tiebreakers (8 strokes advantage across 3 events (5,3,tied in Eveliina’s advantage), won EuroTour vs. not ranked, 8 ratings points advantage
Natalie Holloköi (CH) seems solid in third place; the chance she will move either up or down are slim.

Check back in for the January 2017 PDGA ratings and points update to see if anything has changed.

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