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After a few different formats with minor tweaks for the EuroTour over recent years, we were intent on coming with a last change, that hopefully will prove to be the last one.

What is changing?

From the season 2017 onward, there will be two different EuroTour’s; one will keep the name “EuroTour”, and the other one will be called “EuroProTour”.
The EuroTour will continue where it left in the season 2015; ie. as opposed to the 2016 edition, the amateur divisions will be back. The largest fraction of European players are Amateurs; why force them to play Pro? Events may again offer MPS, MA1 & FA1 again, if they so choose.
To many, the EuroTour is a fine selection of events that may or may not be played as a series towards a final ranking. What seems most important to these players is, to play locally and meet strong competition from across Europe, while maintaining this “family gathering” feeling that also the European Disc Golf Championships has become renowned for.

The EuroProTour is a new event series; that will place its focus on the best players Europe has to offer. These players will compete in either MPO or FPO.
Unless you have been hiding under a rock all of last year, you will have heard about the Disc Golf World Tour or DGWT, and next to the tremendous amount of positive reviews this event series received, it also received one ever-returning criticism; if women wanted to play, they had to play MPO; which seems counter-intuitive, to say the least.
The EuroProTour aims at filling the void that is created between the EuroTour as we knew it, and the DGWT, and fully embraces the FPO division.

Series standards


  • MPO & FPO only
  • Maximum six events
  • Minimum A-tier standards
  • Tournament play in foursomes
  • Higher bonus payout


  • MPO, FPO. MPM, MPG, MPS, MJ1, MA1, FA1 divisions may all be offered
  • Six to ten events
  • Minimum B-tier standards

Website, live-scoring, media

To allow for the EuroProTour & EuroTour to grow to its full potential, a lot more effort will be made to give the tour one single brand identity. Instead of having each event having their own website with a slight variation of the registration procedure, a one-stop website will be published, that will offer everything EuroTour related:

  • centralised registration
  • series-wide sponsors information
  • standings
  • live-scoring
  • video coverage

Of course, events are still kindly invited to run their own website for the event; as well as being in control of their own event’s name and sponsors, including title sponsor.

Tune in again, November 1st, when a brand-new website will be presented to you, including the schedule for 2017.

Register your event for the EuroProTour or EuroTour?

Aspiring TD’s are kindly invited to fill out the 2017_PDGA_EuroTour_Application_Form, and return it to the email address specified in the form.Application deadline is September 30th 2016.
Please be aware that before your application can be approved by the EuroTour organisers, you will need to have received approval from your country’s PDGA Country Coordinator.


  1. These are great news, however, I keep wondering why I still can’t play in women masters. I know our numbers are still a bit lower than like juniors but we are gro 🙂 wing in numbers and we do have intention compete rather with same age group ladies. That would encourage over 40+ ladies to join when they would know that they are playing vs. own age persons. Just a thougt 🙂

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