EuroTour 2016 is done. Congratulations to the winners

The EuroTour came to an end at the Strudengau Open 2016 sponsored by Latitude 64.
It may very well be a first in EuroTour history, that 2 players finish with the same amount of points; Fellow Finns Seppo Paju (in the lead all season, and expected to prolong his EuroTour title) and Juho Parviainen both finished at 382 points. In case of a tie, the following ways will need to break the tie:
Where 2 or more players are tied for bonus cashing positions in the overall points standings then the tie(s) shall be broken by totaling the EuroTour points earned by each player at events where they competed head to head. Any remaining ties shall be broken by comparing the players’ actual scores during the same head to head competitions.
In this case, the tie was already broken after the first check; Juho earned 440 points against Seppo’s 412 in head-to-head competition. Seppo’s second win of the season, at The Battle at Bluebell Woods, proved futile, as Juho was not present there.
After having just lost the European title to Leo Piironen (yet another Finn) in a sudden death, Juho ended up on top this time; he is the EuroTour 2016 Men’s Pro Open winner!
Pasi Koivu (FI, 296) held on to his 3rd spot. Teemu Malmelin (FI, 224), and Raimo Sokka (FI, 218) performed well at the Strudengau Open, which saw them move up to fourth, and fifth respectively.

In Women’s Pro Open, Eveliina Salonen (FI, 360) proves her strength (also exemplified by her winning the European Disc Golf Championships a few weeks ago) this season; two wins and two second places made her unreachable for the competition, most notably Anne Kettunen (FI, 280), and part-time Finn Vanessa van Dyken (US, 240), who finished second and third this year. Natalie Holloköi’s (CH, 218) win at Strudengau Open will no doubt have given some shine to her troubled season (highlighted by a meager eleventh place finish at the Copenhagen Open) but could not prevent her losing the EuroTour title to Eveliina.

Finland’s (of course) Ville Piippo managed to successfully defend his EuroTour title in the Men’s Pro Master division, and never really had to worry about it; three wins and one second place were more than enough to seal the deal with 390 points out of 400 points to be earned.
Fellow-fin Ari Penttala (272), and Mikael Birkelund Jensen-Johansen (DK, 190) complete the top 3.

The Men’s Pro Grandmasters division suffered greatly from the limited amount of EuroTour events, as last year’s top players’ priorities clearly were elsewhere; last year’s winner, Wolfgang Kraus did not compete in one single event this year.
George Braun (DE, 350) who finished fourth last season, and Rene Westenberg (NL, 240), second place, just like last season, pick up the medals in this division.

In the Junior Boys I division, no payer met the number of events played, to qualify for the final ranking.

For full EuroTour 2016 standings, check
this link.

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