Marko Saviauk awarded PDGA Europe Volunteer of the Year 2015

Disc golf would be nowhere without its volunteers.
Whether you’re playing a local league, or a National Tour event, you can be sure that without volunteers your experience would not be nearly as enjoyable.
Each year, we, in Europe, award one of those volunteers as a symbol of recognition for all the European volunteers. Not because we value one particular volunteer more than all the other volunteers, but it would simply be too hard to award all volunteers.

This year, we decided to award Marko Saviauk (#70804) from Estonia.
Since he does not play too many events (4 to date, in 2 years time, and the ones he plays are in Estonia), there’s a good chance you’ve never heard of him.
When I say “skoorin” though, you’ll definitely say: “Yes, i know that. I use it all the time”. You may even have seen it used during one of the European Majors last year as you were following the event from home.

In Rainer Lipand’s (Country Coordinator for Estonia) words:

“He is owner and developer of Skoorin livescore system, which is one of the major reasons discgolf is growing so heavily in Estonia. As he is also working with me in Estonian Discgolf Association I know him as a very kind and helpful man. He is also co-TD for Estonian Open helping out Rasmus Sepp to organize this nice event.”

While PDGA Europe are handing this award to Marko, please do not forget to continue thanking your TD, the spotter finding your favourite disc, the people who run weekly leagues, the ones keeping the course in good condition, and all the other volunteers who remain unnamed, who help grow our sport.

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