EuroTour announcement: 2016 calendar

As is customary for the EuroTour, mid to late November, the EuroTour calendar for the following year is revealed.
Some changes were made to the upcoming EuroTour season.

Everybody in Europe, and outside, will have been aware of the Disc Golf World Tour announcements a few weeks ago, and that at least one 2015 EuroTour event (Konopiště Open) has joined forces with the Disc Golf World Tour.
We are very glad with the fact that Europe has gained a number of top events that will see the world’s best players compete on European soil.
Matching the calendars between the EuroTour and the Disc Golf World Tour will allow for these players to pick their own calendars, and compete in both.

To allow for this to happen, and allow European players (and those from outside) to compete in both tours, we decided to make the EuroTour more concise. Where the EuroTour comprised of 8-11 events in recent years, we now limit the EuroTour to 6 events.

At the same time, we want to invite and encourage more players to compete for the overall victory in the EuroTour. In previous years, the number of events counting towards the overall victory has been very low (only 4 out of 10 events, last year). This led to allowing players to win their division in the EuroTour final standings whilst never meeting their peers. This year, 4 out of 6 events count.
We believe this will both encourage and invite players to meet their peers, if they want to be victorious in the end, and also make for stronger events.

One more change that has been made to make both players and events ‘step up’, was to remove MPS (due to very low participation) and amateur divisions (MA1, FA1) from the EuroTour. Please note, we are very aware of what we call the “future”, the players who will soon be the best, and explicitly include the MJ1 division in the EuroTour, including at A tier events.
We are aware that the other amateur players could initially be left disappointed by not seeing their division being offered, but we feel this is the right thing to do; to make the EuroTour the stronger event series it had always been intended to be; *the* European showcase event series, and we are convinced that most players will see this too. We in no way want to discourage Amateur players from competing at the EuroTour, instead we want to stimulate them in playing at a higher level, which at first may seem scary, but will most likely prove very beneficial to said players.

For now, we are left with nothing but inviting and encouraging you all, Pro and Am players to compete in the upcoming season of EuroTour events.

Please check out the full schedule here: EuroTour 2016 calendar. (more details added as they become available)

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  1. I don’t think you are very aware about amateurs division. Your goal is only to gain more money because your hope is to see amateurs becoming pro pdga members…
    The sentence : “we want to stimulate them in playing at a higher level” is for me :”we want to stimulate them in buying a higher level pdga member licence”.
    It’s very sad.
    It’s very bad.
    Because those who work the most for discgolf are amateurs and volunteers ; eurotours are organized by those you have pulled-off this competition …

    I don’t want to say thank you ! I don’t want to say good bye !
    I’m just so sorry for disc golf future …

    😐 Pierrot

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