Sustainable Development or Cosmic Expansion?

The Finnish Disc Golf Association experienced great growth in 2014 with more member clubs, more registered players, more events and of course stellar success at the European competitions.

And it seems the momentum is still very much there.

The number of PDGA members is already at 1400, which is a 40 % increase from end-of-year 2014. The national association memberships are almost 50 % up from May 2014. Several new member clubs have joined the association in new areas of the country and they are organizing more and more events.

The number of PDGA events is, if you will, exploding in 2015. Currently there are 127 events in the calendar, including several A and B tiers  And this doesn’t include all the PDGA leagues, European Open, EuroTour or the Baltic Sea Tour events. Last weekend there were 5 PDGA events at the same time in Finland, with 500 players. Hard to believe that just 5 years ago we were at 20 events a year, all of them C tier.

Seppo Paju Grip EQ

Seppo Paju winning the Grip EQ -tour Kirjuri A-tier. Photo by Henrik Martikainen.

Setting the numbers aside, disc golf is really on the verge of breaking through as a main stream sport in Finland. Equipment are available literally in every shopping centre, sports store and supermarket. With almost 500 courses all around the country, anybody can just go and give it a go. And we are now visible on national media, not just as a curiosity, but as a respectable means of keeping fit and having fun – and as a serious sport.

sports store

Discs at Budget Sport. Photo by Seppo Paju.

And who knows, maybe this is just the beginning of the real phase transition, with the EC2016 and really big things on the way. The FDGA and all of Europe need to be ready for exponential growth, and not just in Finland. To prepare for this, the FDGA just launched formal training programmes through Disc Golf Instructors Finland. And many more things are brewing behind the scenes.

How is Disc Golf developing in your country right now?

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