Finnish Disc Golf Association to Begin Training of Certified Disc Golf Instructors

Disc Golf Instructors Finland (DGIF) is a training organization authourised by the Finnish Disc Golf Association (FDGA). The DGIF is responsible for national disc golf training and coaching.
All the founding members have an extensive background in disc sports on national and international level both on and off the course spanning several decades.

The DGIF introduces a training system that creates a foundation for professional quality disc golf introduction, training and coaching models. The goal of the system is to provide all disc golf instructors with a clear overall concept to be used in all levels of training.

“We want to give back to the sport and spread our expertise to the national FDGA member clubs to advance the level of disc golf instruction and coaching in Finland. We want to emphasize the spirit of the game in all our operations. Disc golf is a fair play sport, in which the players primarily play ‘against’ the course and themselves. Thus the spirit of the game is a value that is always integrated to the pedagogical content of our material”, comments Visa Ruuhinen, one of the certified regional instructors of DGIF.

The objective of the DGIF is to train 100 disc golf instructors in 2015 to meet the demand of the explosive growth of the sport. “This training organization is packed with expertise and practical know-how, which we will now harness for the use of our member clubs. This is a giant leap in the development of our sport”, says Ville Kotamäki, president of the FDGA.

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