Renew your PDGA membership

The European discgolf season 2015 is about to kick off. In only three weekends time, the EuroTour 2015 start, with its first event in Dunbar, Scotland (7-8 March EuroTour #1 – Vibram presents The Battle at Bluebell Woods / British Disc Golf Open).

This season is already shaping up to being a spectacularly busy one, with nine PDGA sanctioned events already having taken place, and another fifty-three currently scheduled, and many more to come.
For the EuroTour, a current PDGA membership is mandatory, and obviously the same goes for the two Major events held in Europe this summer.
With the ever-increasing amount of players and sanctioned events, more than ever, having a current PDGA membership is proving to be increasingly useful as well, allows you to track your own performance, and compare it to (more of) your fellow club and country players.

There are several ways for you to make/keep your PDGA membership current:

  • Take matters in your own hand, and register directly at the PDGA website
  • Ask your club/team administrator to do so for you. He/she may be able to do so for you, or if not, forward the request to your country’s PDGA Country Coordinator.

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