Player of the Year 2014

We’re very proud to announce that both Simon Lizotte and Ragna Bygde have won a 2014 Player of the Year award.

The last ratings update for 2014 (February 17th 2015) didn’t bring anymore changes to the standings.
Ragna remained well out of reach of her competitors pretty much all year long. But it was her not-competing at the EuroTour or the European Disc Golf Championships 2014 that allowed her nearest competitors, Natalie Holloköi and Hannele Määttä to come somewhat near.

For the men’s competitors, it was bound to look like a similar scenario for most of the year; everybody would have guessed Simon to win this one easily; but looks may be deceiving. Had he not played at the European Disc Golf Championships (he literally stepped off the plane, coming straight from playing at the Pro Worlds), he’d have only taken 3rd place overall. Pasi Koivu and Karl Johan Nybo now were left to divide second and third spot.

Simon and Ragna will receive their award at the European Open.

Full standings available here.

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