European Disc Golf Championships 2016 to be organised in Finland

PDGA Europe has granted Finland the right to host the next edition of the European Disc Golf Championships in 2016. The event will take place in Oulu.

“The PDGA Europe EDGC sub committee was given the arduous task of choosing the best of three bids. The bids were very elaborate, and varied, each with unique selling points; this lead to the consideration period being unexpectedly extended, but the decision was finally made, to the sub committee’s satisfaction.
We would like to thank all of the applicants for their enthusiasm, involvement and patience.”
says Florence Dumont, chair of the PDGA Europe EDGC sub committee.

Jalle Stoor putting at Meri-Toppila Park

Jalle Stoor putting at Meri-Toppila Park

The tournament will be played in Meri-Toppila DiscGolfPark, which is an esteemed disc golf course and has been the stage of many international top-level events.

The tournament organisation expects 200 players from over 25 countries to come to Oulu to compete for the European Championship titles in eight different divisions.

”Hosting the EDGC means a lot to us and the timing couldn’t be better. The 2014 EDGC in Switzerland was a huge success for Team Finland, and the sport received recognition in the national sports awards gala. Disc Golf has been evolving and growing rapidly for almost a decade now – especially in Finland. The EDGC will support the growth and development of the sport and vice versa.” says Ville Kotamäki, the president of the Finnish Disc Golf Association.

Finland has hosted EDGC once before in 2005, when the even was held at Tampere and Nokia. The 2005 EDGC initiated the booming growth of the sport on a national level. Currently disc golf is the fastest growing sport in Finland, topping even the annual growth rate of 20% in the USA. There are 430 disc golf courses and an estimated 100 000 players in Finland.

Thousands of spectators expected at EDGC2016

Thousands of spectators expected at EDGC2016

For more information about the event contact:

Jukka Teräs
Innova Champion Europe
+358 40 538 7464

Images used with permission from Innova Europe.

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